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Is Solskjaer’s clear young & British transfer plan the way to rebuild Man Utd?

Solskjaer is trying to replicate old-school United, but how will that fare in the modern era of English football?

First Daniel James, now Manchester United are linked to the likes of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Sean Longstaff, David Brooks and many more young, British talents.

Manchester United already have a very British team, featuring the likes of Rashford, Lingard, McTominay, Young, Shaw, Smalling, Jones and youth players such as Greenwood, Garner, Gomes amongst many others.

However, the majority of Solskjaer’s realistic targets have been young British talents, one of which has already signed; Daniel James, who was highly recommended by the Welsh coach and United legend Ryan Giggs.

Manchester United, since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, has been performing way below the standards in which the fans all expect. The dignity, culture and overall morality of the club have plummeted the Red Devil’s, from the top of English and European football to being a team who would be grateful to finish in fourth place.

Man Utd has tried everything so far. David Moyes, a proven Premier League manager recommended by Sir Alex Ferguson. They then moved on to Louis Van Gaal, the ex-Barcelona manager who is European proven. And most recently before Solskjaer, Jose Mourinho; arguably the best manager in the world, if not at least in the top three.

Finally, United have opted for the last realistic option that can bring success back to the club by permanently signing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the club legend who is adored by fans worldwide.

Solskjaer is keen on bringing the old United culture back into the squad, with Daniel James; a young Welshman who is direct and can be pivotal in the old-school Manchester United counter-attacking system. More recently, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, a young, English professional who’s defensive statistics set him apart from the rest of the Premier League full-backs.

Let’s compare Solskjaer’s ideal Man Utd to the Man Utd we all know and love from days gone by…

Daniel James

Fast, direct and able to pick out a pass. He has more in common with Ryan Giggs other than being a Welsh national player.

Scott McTominay

A manager’s favourite. His willingness to improve for himself, his fans, and his teammates is similar to that of Roy Keane. However, his playing style of being a strong, tactically-aware and a dominant presence in midfield is similar to that of Michael Carrick, a man who dictated the red’s midfield for many, many years.


A defensive master with the ability to play the ball on the floor, much alike to one Mr Gary Neville.

Harry Maguire

An aerial master who possesses the passing ability of Rio Ferdinand and the last-ditch, game-saving tackles of Nemanja Vidic.

Mason Greenwood

A youth player who the world’s eyes are on. Amongst the pressure of being one of the most sought after teenagers, he provides quality goals and assists for his team on a weekly basis. Wayne Rooney?

Luke Shaw

Solskjaer has publicly stated that he wants to see Shaw overlap his winger and get in behind the defence, as he did with his goal against Leicester on the first game of the 18/19 season. If he can adapt this into his game, he could prove to be the next Patrice Evra, he may even get given the number 3 shirt should Eric Bailly move on from United.

It is clear by transfer rumours that being British and Premier League proven is the criteria for Solskjaer.

However, the Premier League has evolved since the days of Sir Alex Ferguson was managing and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was playing, and this sort of system may be outdated. On the other hand, Solskjaer may believe that Sir Alex Ferguson had concocted an indisputably winning Premier League formula and is looking to replicate it.

A full season under Solskjaer will tell whether this rebuild will be successful, and if it isn’t, Manchester United have to look at their board.

Manchester United fans will hope that this is the turn around for their beloved club, but in the midst of much anger and frustration in the United camp, you may expect to see me next year talking of another rebuild that could bring Manchester United back to the top half of the table in the 20/21 season.

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