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Is it right for Man Utd to build a team around Pogba?

These are the only two outcomes of the Paul Pogba saga that can benefit both himself and the club.

Pogba recently admitted to wanting to leave Manchester United. Does this affect Solskjaer’s plan to build his team around him?

In a recent interview with Solskjaer, he admitted his ambitions for Paul Pogba. “I said (previously), ‘if he’s in your squad, you’d build your team around him’… I haven’t changed that much since then, so I’d say the same now.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is rebuilding Manchester United with projections for the future. It is clear by his passion for the club that Ole wants to remain at the wheel for as long as possible. We have seen in pre-season so far that Solskjaer is creating a team of hard-working and dedicated players. As the high-press and typical United counter-attacks have been reminiscent of the good old days at Old Trafford.

Should Paul Pogba genuinely want a move away from Old Trafford in the next three years, building a team around him is nonsensical. Manchester United need fixing from top to bottom and keeping a player who wishes to leave shows the lack of ruthlessness within the club.

Solskjaer may have spoken to Pogba behind the scenes and assured him that Manchester United will be winning trophies again.

Two outcomes that can benefit both man and club

It comes as no surprise that Paul Pogba wishes to leave Man Utd. As a player of his quality should be winning titles and playing in the Champions League. The issue comes with the board slapping a ridiculous price tag on him. The price tag for Pogba is around £180million, according to The Daily Mail.

Should Pogba pledge allegiance to Man Utd and is on board with Solskjaer’s project, then building a team around the most talented player makes perfect sense. However, building a team around a player who adamantly wants to leave the club is an obvious no-go.

Paul Pogba is not imperative to Man Utd’s success. But he would most definitely add quality to the side Solskjaer is building if he stays.

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