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Is Fernandinho the Kompany replacement Man City need?

The Manchester Evening News has reported how Fernandinho has been in talks with Pep Guardiola about filling the centre back position. The Football Manc Cave is taking a look to see if he’s the Kompany replacement Man City need.

Fernandinho featured in the centre back position a few times for Man City last year. This was probably so that Guardiola could start to see which of his players could step up to fill Vincent Kompany’s position. I don’t think anyone at this stage is claiming that the 34-year-old will completely replace Kompany and get that same level of respect he had, however, he could certainly help at the back.


He’s known as a defensive midfielder and Pep Guardiola is known for exploring players qualities. It’s been a struggle for Man City to find anyone who could live up to Vincent Kompany’s level this summer. With the only real connection being Harry Maguire who was too expensive, and in my opinion, would have filled that hole to Guardiola’s standard.

There’s also been increased competition for a spot in the middle since the signing of Rodri and this puts Fernandinho further down the pecking order to be picked in that position. This is why it makes sense for the defensive midfielder to drop back and try his luck in a centre back position.

He will obviously need to train a lot more to make sure he’s ready for the league but it is a good plan of action. Fernandinho has said himself that being an option in multiple positions makes it easier for the manager whether it be to fill in for an injury or drop back into a different position permanently.

Pep Guardiola must be doing something right, as Man City managed to win the Community Shield at the weekend and Kyle Walker’s clearance off the line was brilliant. Whatever the defence is doing in training is working and it can only get better with Fernandinho in the mix.

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