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If Solskjaer Wants To Bring Back The Fergie Years, Then He Has To Do What Fergie Did With Pogba

Paul Pogba

After Tuesday night, if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer didn’t know already – United need one hell of a rebuilding job.

The levels between the Red Devils and Barcelona was clearer than the sea in the Maldives. United have been carrying plenty of passengers within the squad for many a year, going back to the Fergie years.

This current squad needs ripping apart to its core. United have plenty of squad players but no stand out first teamers, Paul Pogba on his day is a stand out first team player – however, them days don’t come around to often or consistently enough.

Again, in recent weeks there are murmurings of Pogba’s unrest. It seems very much like, from an outsider looking in, that Pogba has a big say in what goes on.

If his match performances were of a high quality, even 80% of the time, you would give him a little movement to be demanding. Because on his day, Pogba is as good as anyone, he can control a game and turn a game around.

The inconsistency of the French international lets him down massively.

He tends to go missing in a lot of big games, especially when United need him the most. This couldn’t have been more evidential than the match this week against Barca.

No player is bigger than the club, however in an age of social media and followers – Pogba’s huge online presence serves what United need in the marketing department well. I feel it’s one of the reasons he is allowed a little more leeway than others.

Pogba’s been called a virus within the dressing room, sometimes there’s no smoke without fire. He clearly has ambitions of moving on, as he had indicted in a recent interview when openly courting Real Madrid.

There’s is plenty of internet chat about a Hazard/Pogba double swoop by Los Blancos this summer happening, and while Hazard has continued to be Chelsea’s top performer, Pogba again seems to have faded away in recent weeks.

In my personal opinion, if United sell Pogba this summer, on the bigger scale of things – I don’t think he’ll be missed.

They could then add to their transfer warchest and really go all out and get the seven or eight players they need to turn around this club and become a consistent title challenger once again.

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