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‘I’d Rather Have Kidney Stones Than John Stones’ England Fans Humorous Reactions to Man City’s John Stones

I think it’s safe to say that England fans were hoping for victory last night but instead, they were left disappointed by another semifinal loss.

The Three Lions managed to score first in the second Nations League Semi final last night when a penalty was awarded, but couldn’t cling on to the lead as the Netherlands equalised and took the game to a painful extra time were England ended up losing 3-1. 

After the disappointing loss to Croatia in the World Cup, I along with many other England fans were expecting a performance last night that showed the team were hungry to make it to the final but instead, a sloppy defence made the game unbearable to watch.

John Stones is the man in the firing line today as he was blamed for a lot of the mistakes at the back. Last night, most England fans were frustrated and fed up but, I’ve managed to cheer myself up this morning by having a scroll through Twitter.

Jamie Carragher was in the studio for Sky Sports last night and he had a lot to say about the City player if you missed it, I’ve attached his rant below but in my opinion, he is absolutely spot on.

This particular tweet and the replies had me laughing this morning. England fans have become that used to the disappointment and can make a joke out of a bad situation.

Some missed England’s previous stars.

There were very few fans this morning jumping to Stones’ defence, some thinking that the Nations League isn’t that important.

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