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GREAT MOVE: Benfica’s Fresh, Young Talent Coming to Wigan Athletic

There’s some hopeful news for Wigan Athletic this week with a rumour of negotiations with Benfica. Yes, you read that right.

Wigan finished 18th in the Sky Bet Championship last season. This was disappointing for the Latics and their fans, nowhere near a promotion possibility and close enough to relegation. This hopeful hook up brings the possibility of a fresh and possible younger team to get the job done.

Loan Negotiations

Personally, I can’t see Benfica giving players away for peanuts and with a Champions League competition to play in next year, I really can’t imagine Benfica loaning any of their first team. However, with the negotiations only being loaning players and not buying, this gives Wigan a chance to set prices and deals.

Wigan would also have a fight on their hands if it did come down to first-team players as Benfica Midfielder, Joao Felix is currently being watched by City and United.

B Side Team

Even if the first team doesn’t bring much hope to the Latics, maybe Benfica’s B side team will bring them some reality. Wigan’s best option would be to look at the younger and more exciting players that wouldn’t cost as much, and with the right training could be the start of something big for Wigan’s season and for the player’s career.

With younger players looking for permanent starts and to prove themselves, maybe they would enjoy a nice trip over to the North West for a short period and maybe even a pie or two while they’re in the area!

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