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‘Go For Kante Over Rodri’ ‘Being Led Up a Garden Path’ Man City Fans React To Rodri Link

I recently suggested that Man City should look into Rodrigo from Atlético Madrid more closely than their main interest, Joao Felix.

Well today, Rodri has given City fans a little excitement by reportedly asking his club for space while he thinks about his next move. What are City fans saying? Some are getting excited by the possibility with some even talking as if the signing is definite.

Most fans way of looking may be a more realistic approach, as it was reported yesterday that Rodri has a £70 million buy-out clause in his contract. Even though City have the money, maybe a cheaper option would be more sensible.

A lot of City fans think Rodri will complete their already successful side.

Some are getting impatient.

One City fan wants everyone to give the midfielder a chance.

Then there’s a few fans who don’t want to seem too optimistic.

They’re also not getting their hopes up.

Then finally theres fans that are looking at other options.

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