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AWAY FANS SERIES: From Man Utd to FC United, How a Chance Read In a Newspaper Created an FCUM Chinese Supporters Branch for Fan Ming

Football Manc Cave caught up with FC United of Manchester's Chinese Branch of Supporters founder, Fan Ming, ahead of his visit to the UK next week.

Football Manc Cave caught up with FC United of Manchester’s Chinese Branch of Supporters founder, Fan Ming, ahead of his visit to the UK next week.

FC United Supporter Fan Ming

Read how he went from Man Utd to FC United via a newspaper article, flying over to the UK to film a documentary on the Red Rebels and setting up the Chinese sector of FC United supporters…

Ian: So what made you become an FC United fan, where did it start?

Fan Ming: The first time when FC United was formed, I saw this news on a Chinese Sports Newspaper. I was a Man Utd fan, but I love traditional English football culture, I was interested in small clubs at that time, that made my eyes turn to FC United.

Ian: Amazing, it’s a personal love of mine also. I was told you have started an FC United supporters group in China, tell me more?

Fan Ming: Yes, we have a group called FCUM China Supporters’ Branch, it was started in 2014. I thought there were only two FC United supporters in China before 2014, we knew each other on FC unofficial fan forum in 2007(probably 2006). We hadn’t contacted too much till 2013, I suddenly found there was another FC United supporter on China social media, and we started planning to create a group in China.

Ian: Wow, how many members are you up to now, what do you do?

Fan Ming: Not too many members at the beginning, one of our members and I went to England filming a documentary for FC United in 2015.

Catch Fan Ming’s Documentary here

We have an average of 50 members per season since that. Our branch usually renews membership for our members, organize some donation activity for our club etc, but I’m very busy this season, and nobody helps me for these tasks, so only a few members have renewed their membership for themselves.

Ian: How Often do you get over to Broadhurst park?

Fan Ming: It depends on my wallet! I’d prefer every weekend but only 3 times for me since 2014…this week will be the 4th time.

Ian: Do you get fully involved in the whole matchday experience when you come over?

Fan Ming: I savour every moment, sure, I enjoy my matchday experience, every minute! But I do prefer an away day, the away end atmosphere is a different class

Ian: What are your thoughts on this season?

Fan Ming: It’s a tough season, we have low player budgets, and losing attendance. It’s very difficult to stay at this level but the only thing I could do is cheer our club on whatever the result.

Ian: Thank you for your time, enjoy your trip over – Let’s hope for a home win!

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