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Frankie Bunn and Clarke To Bury Wasn’t Every Shakers Fans Dream Team

When Bury fans celebrated their automatic promotion to League One after the draw at Tranmere last April, the euphoria will have done a great deal to numb the pain of what was going on behind the scenes at the club.

However, the reality of court hearings, unpaid staff, debt, departing players and managers lay ahead. Even when Shakers fans thought they had reached their lowest ebb, another setback was just around the corner.

With manager Ryan Lowe having departed along with several key players. The immediate question has been whether Bury would have enough players to start the new season, and who would fill Lowe’s boots.

One of those questions looked to have been answered with ex-Oldham manager Frankie Bunn the favourite to fill the vacant post. Peter Clarke, released by Oldham at the end of last season was also rumoured to be installed as his number two.

The choice wasn’t the most popular one according to the Football Manc Cave’s poll…

So what would Bury fans have been getting with the new appointment? In a nutshell, there is little evidence that Bunn could have done anything to improve the situation at the club other than to set his sights on avoiding relegation. The possible deduction of points, lack of funds and general malaise which surrounds Gigg Lane is not going to be overcome by installing a manager who is yet to prove himself at any level over a full season.

It is clutching at straws to believe that Bunn or anyone else for that matter, can organise a squad of players who may not have been paid, are facing a points deduction and an uncertain future into a team that can play a full season in League One.

The one slim sliver of hope would have been Peter Clarke as a player/assistant manager, given that he was afforded an almost Godlike status at Boundary Park in his role as captain. Clarke is highly respected in League Two, and building a team around him might have given Bury some chance of performing a miracle and getting themselves back where all the supporters needed them to be.

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