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Four reasons why Salford City will finish in the play-offs

Salford City is preparing for their first-ever season in the EFL. The Ammies are second-favourites with the bookies to win League Two, The Football Manc Cave see why that is.

They are on a roll

The Ammies have won back-to-back promotions and will be looking for the hat-trick. It doesn’t matter what level of football your winning at, a team that has been winning games every week, is a dangerous side. It just gives that air of confidence from the owners, to the fans, staff and players. They know how to win, have a solid home record and will fully believe they can win League Two in their first attempt.

Adam Rooney

As in most leagues around the world, to win a title you need a proven goal scorer. Salford has that in Rooney. He proved himself last season and at Aberdeen, give him chances and he will score goals. With all respect, the level of defending in League Two is very questionable. Strikers get chances on a plate, it’s up to whether they’re good enough to take them, Rooney is. He may score 20+ goals and propel them to promotion.

Everyone wants to beat them

Salford is the talk of League Two. They’ll be on Sky as many times as Leeds, that’s probably impossible actually, never mind. Everyone will want to upset the apple cart and beat them. The Class of 92 being involved just gives their matches that extra bite, opposition players will want to get one over them too. Sunderland felt that last season in League One, going to the Stadium of Light was other sides cup final for the season, visiting teams gave that extra 10% to get a result. It’s just something they’ll have to deal with.

Pressure from outside

Being on Sky regularly, the bookies early favourites to win the league. It all brings expectation and pressure. They need to deliver, everyone is expecting them to have a good season. However, remember it’s their first season EVER in the EFL. A lot of their players will have never played at this level. It’s very optimistic to predict them winning the league, especially with sides like Bradford City and Plymouth Argyle being in there, which is why I’m predicting they’ll get the play-offs.

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