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Fixture Congestion Not a Problem For Bradshaw’s Curzon

Curzon playing on Saturday and Monday always threatened to be a bit of a challenge. Fixture congestion can be problematic at this level of football, where players are semi-professional and need to fit these around the commitments the rest of us have, 9-5 employment and general life admin that the professionals do not need worry about.

The Nash came into these quick fire matches after a thumping defeat at home to Altrincham, where they saw 6 sail past them. When this happens and things don’t go to plan it’s important that, while errors are learnt from, a line does need to be drawn and the teams need to move on.

The first fixture saw Curzon playing high flyers Bradford Park Avenue, who I saw play earlier in the season and they pulled York apart with ease. Curzon did not let themselves be intimidated by their opponents after going 1-0 down, and pulled back two goals. While some might see Curzon finishing with a 2-2 draw as disappointing, I feel it was a performance to be proud of and showed a lot of guts to get themselves back into the game after going down while playing away to classy and well supported opposition.

Guiseley AFC offered a kinder chance to come away with three points, having not won a game since new years day, as well as Curzon’s home advantage. It was a pretty miserable night in Tameside, but Curzon came away with something to cheer about, 3 points in an uneventful 1-0 win, with a goal in the first half from Lewis Reilly.

A workman like competent display from the Nash saw them hold the scoreline, and keep their first clean sheet since the 19th of January. Also something to reward the fans that came to watch in the icy rain.

It’s all pretty close, and Curzon are still only 9 points away from the play offs, with teams who started well starting to struggle for momentum and others starting to gather a bit of pace. It’s hard to say if Curzon’s remarkable phoenix from the flames bid from relegation worries to play off contenders is still realistic.

However, the Nash, with Mark Bradshaw at the helm have shown that they aren’t here to make up numbers, and are looking like they have a real chance of bettering their previous best ever season (11th in this league) and heading into next season as a real force to be reckoned with.

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