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Fans react to another semi-final defeat with nothing but love for the Lionesses

Last night saw the Lionesses end up with more semi final heartache.

If you were not part of the record-breaking viewing figures that the Women’s World Cup semi-final brought in, you may not know that England suffered a 2-1 loss to defending champions, USA.

It was always going to be a hard game and we were not favourites to win. USA opened the scoring and a goal from Ellen White gave hope for the Lionesses until America’s captain, Alex Morgan managed to put them ahead again. VAR then ruled out another Ellen White goal, we also got awarded a penalty in which we missed and our defender Millie Bright was sent off.

As much as I would have loved us to win this game, I’m still so proud of the Lionesses with how they handled themselves throughout this competition. In my opinion, the referee’s have been horrendous throughout the whole World Cup. They’ve had no control over the games and VAR has definitely got to be discussed after this because it is totally ruining football.

All of that aside, the USA are supposed to be the best in the world but we kept up with them all night. I really think that the game last night should have been the final because they were the two best teams in the competition.

The general reaction on Twitter has been how people are proud of the team, and how they are all role models to the young generation who aspire to be footballers. There’s another reaction to USA’s captain, Alex Morgan, as she was throwing herself on the floor all the way through the game and when she scored, she pretending to be drinking tea, a stereotype for us English.

You can catch England taking home 3rd place, yes I’m that confident, on Saturday.

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