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FAN VIEW: Evatt looking to bring Barrow’s attacking flair to Bolton

Bolton Wanderers manager Ian Evatt

Following the appointment of Ian Evatt at Bolton Wanderers, after a successful promotion campaign in the National League with Barrow. We asked a long time Barrow fan Charlie Walduck, what the Whites can expect next season.

According to Charlie, Evatt is very hardworking. Living and breathing football 24/7. Evatt is laser-focused and believes very much in his own ability. He’ll certainly bring out the best on the Bolton players.

Evatt described last season’s promotion as the perfect storm. Everything aligned together.

“There was a real togetherness in the town, the team, the board of directors, the Bluebirds Trust and obviously the management team. Barrow was very much unfancied, with Evatt and co proving a lot of people wrong.”

Going from an underdog mentality with Barrow to being League Two’s favourites to bounce back up with Bolton Wanderers, will not faze Ian Evatt. Charlie continues to say, “his style of play on decent pitches will suit how he wants his teams to play football. It can be frustrating at times, but the Bolton fans will need to be patient.”

Youth or experience

Charlie mentions, Ian Evatt likes a mixture of the two. Barrow had some good young players mixed in with some experienced players. He prefers attacking players and will want a team that has a lot of flair and attack.

As long as they have the right attitude, age and experience are irrelevant.

Good or bad reception at Barrow next season

Evatt can expect a good reaction from some of the fans, however, others won’t be giving him a warm welcome.

According to Charlie, it seemed he was courting other clubs, whilst telling Barrow fans how much he loved the club and the town.

“That doesn’t sit well with some people. It shows how far Bolton have fallen for them to be in the same league as Barrow.”

Bolton fans, are you excited by Evatt for next season?

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