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Examining Oldham Athletic’s 19/20 League 2 Opponents: Mansfield, Morecambe and Newport

Continuing the definitive guide to the 19/20 League Two season for Oldham supporters.

Mansfield Town

Any team that would have Craig Davies in their side can’t be expecting much success which is probably why they missed out on getting into the playoff final last season.

Nickname: The Stags (apparently deer roam the streets of Mansfield)

Sponsor: Little John Long Johns

Star Supporter: Robin Hood

Club Mascot: Vince Venison

Half Time Entertainment: Poaching

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: Good chance as it’s not too far.

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: John Radford. Pretty normal compared to some Chairmen. Appointed his girlfriend Carolyn as chief exec in 2011 who is described as glamorous. 2/10

One to Watch: Andy Cook who has been described as a ‘nightmare‘ to play against!

Style Of Play: Hoofball

Speciality Pie Flavour: Antler

Away End Capacity and Condition: 1800 in a modern stadium

Likely Pre Match Songs: Gregorian chants

End of Season Prediction: 3rd

Morecambe FC

Ending up in the bottom seven of League Two isn’t a good incentive for your players to stick around which is probably why Zac Mills has jumped ship and joined Oldham.

Nickname: The Shrimps

Sponsor: The Tripe Marketing Board

Star Supporter: Eric Morecambe

Club Mascot: Captain Birds Eye

Half Time Entertainment: Seagull Rustling

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: Good chance as we like a day at the seaside.

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: Graham Howse & Rod Taylor ‘Joint’ Chairmen so they can blame each other for the terrible season they’re about to have. 3/10

One to Watch: The Potted Shrimp Seller

Style Of Play: Sea breeze assisted kick and rush

Speciality Pie Flavour: Fish head

Away End Capacity and Condition: 1400 which is good in a boring new stadium build which is bad.

Likely Pre Match Songs: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

End of Season Prediction: 22nd

Newport County

Newport lost to Tranmere in the 18/19 playoff final but few noticed as Newport really is in the back end of nowhere and subsequently ignored by the rest of the country.

Nickname: The Exiles (from humanity?)

Sponsor: The Welsh Tourist Board (open Tuesday afternoons 12.30 to 12.45)

Star Supporter: Tom Jones

Club Mascot: Something sheep related

Half Time Entertainment: Sheep Dog Trials

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: No chance

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: Gavin Foxall. Fat bloke with glasses 2/10

One to Watch: Shaun the Sheep

Style Of Play: Half decent hopeful punts

Speciality Pie Flavour: Lamb naturally

Away End Capacity and Condition: 580 which is poor but nobody goes there anyway

Likely Pre Match Songs: We’ll Keep A Welcome in the Hillsides

End of Season Prediction: 2nd

Next Week: Northampton, Port Vale and Plymouth

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