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Examining Oldham Athletic’s 19/20 League 2 Opponents: Grimsby Town, Leyton Orient and Macclesfield

Continuing the definitive guide to the 19/20 League Two season for Oldham supporters.

Grimsby Town

Every story you’ve heard about the smell of fish, a run-down seaside resort and antiquated football ground is true. Grimsby is a proper dump and the locals love the place (and the plaice).

Nickname: The Mariners (At least shows some thought)

Sponsor: Fairly sure it will be fish related.

Star Supporter: Spongebob Squarepants

Club Mascot: See sponsor

Half Time Entertainment: Welly chucking

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: Nice turnout last season so yes, every chance.

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: John Fenty. Has had a few run ins with the fans but sounds ok. Doesn’t have any chairs in his house so has to conduct interviews sat on his snooker table. 5/10

One to Watch: Billy the Fish

Style Of Play: Wind assisted kick and rush

Specialty Pie Flavour: Guess

Away End Capacity and Condition : 600 but can be increased. Not the best ground in the league

Likely Pre Match Songs: Greenland Whale Fisheries – The Pogues

End of Season Prediction: 18th

Leyton Orient

There was so much coverage of Salford City being promoted that everyone forgot that it was actually Leyton Orient who were National League Champions. The real reason, of course, is that nobody cares.

Nickname: The ‘O’s’. (Didn’t take us long to return to the bottom of the barrel)

Sponsor: Alf’s pie and eel emporium

Star Supporter: Ronnie Kray

Club Mascot: I’ll put good money on it being a pearly King

Half Time Entertainment: Dog fighting

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: No chance

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: Nigel Travis. Normality personified after Francesco Becchetti. 1/10

One to Watch: ‘Keeper Dean Brill signed for Latics by Dave Penney. Exactly.

Style Of Play: Cockney swagger and falling over

Specialty Pie Flavour: Something with eels probably

Away End Capacity and Condition: 1000 seats at side of pitch. Described as ‘grim and basic’

Likely Pre Match Songs: Knees up Mother Brown

End of Season Prediction: 11th

Macclesfield Town

Sol Campbell performed something of a miracle last season in keeping Macclesfield in League Two but he is unlikely to be able to repeat that feat next season. Probably already has his eye on a move away from such a footballing backwater.

Nickname: The Silkmen but I won’t bore you with why.

Sponsor: The Samaritans

Star Supporters: The Macc Lads

Club Mascot: Steve the Silk Worm

Half Time Entertainment: Shove Ha’penny

Will Oldham Take Over The Town?: Definitely

Mad Chairman Score Out Of 10: Nobody at present. Former Chairman Mark Blower left in May and took the paper shredder with him.

One to Watch: The bloke with the court injunction.

Style Of Play: Desperate

Speciality Pie Flavour: Anything that doesn’t have silk worms in it.

Away End Capacity and Condition: 1500 and surprisingly decent

Likely Pre Match Songs: Down, Down – Status Quo

End of Season Prediction: 24th

Next Week: Mansfield, Morecambe and Newport County

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