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‘Could Get Used To De Ligt Doing This In a Man Utd Shirt’ ‘If De Ligt Plays In Man City Shirt, They Win All Competitions’ Utd & City Fans React To Target De Ligt

Matthijs De Ligt is wanted by nearly every major club across the world this transfer window, the two Manchester giants included.

Therefore we took to Twitter to look at how fans of the two clubs reacted to the performance of their potential new centre half, on Thursday night as he played for his country the Netherlands against our very own England in the semi-final of the Nations League.

On what wasn’t the greatest of performances from the young Dutchman, he definitely showed flashes of the incredible leadership and potential he possesses. Making up for earlier in the game when he was easily beaten by Jaden Sancho and, then giving away a penalty after a lack in concentration saw him miss-control a pass before fouling Marcus Rashford for England’s goal.

The concentration lapse coming from inexperience, something that will phase out of his game over time.

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