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Carabao gives you more reasons to shop at Morrisons

The Carabao Cup draw has the public's energy buzzing as it's location is revealed.

In an attempt to promote the Thai energy drink, the Carabao cup draw will be taking place in a Morrisons car park.

It was both humorous and worrying to learn that the French Ligue 1 may be going under the name ‘Ligue 1 Uber Eats’. However, now English football is taking a hit to its pride, after the unveiling that the Carabao Cup will have its draw held in a Morrisons car park.

Carabao is a Thai energy drink which currently sponsors the English knockout tournament, however, it may be the case that many British consumers don’t even know what ‘Carabao’ is.

As a result, Carabao has chosen to hold their cup draw in London’s Morrisons car park, in an attempt to grow their product. However, they are trying to make the cup draw accessible to the public as they can go and watch it unfold live. With the most recent draws being held in China, Thailand and Vietnam.

The reception could portray the two mindsets in modern football. On one hand, consumers could be delighted with the fact that the draw is held in England in a very British fashion. On the other, however, many may be displeased with the control that the sponsor has over the competition and the British consumer.

It seems as though the sponsors are doing much more business than some of the clubs.

At 7pm on Thursday 20 June, the draw will be held at Morrisons, Colindale, a short distance from Wembley Stadium.

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