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Can Wan-Bissaka be Man Utd’s best ever right back?

Wan-Bissaka's form has carried over from pre-season and is quickly becoming a fan favourite.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka has quickly become a fan favourite at Man Utd since his arrival. His convincing pre-season had everyone excited to see how he would do in the Premier League stage for England’s biggest club…

The right-back has gotten his season off to an astounding start for Man Utd. Last season, the right-back position was often shared between Ashley Young and Diogo Dalot.

Fans grew frustrated with Ashley Young due to the ex-winger’s lack of defensive ability. The same holds true for Diogo Dalot, who was slightly more impressive. But it is obvious that the young Portuguese national favours the attacking side of the game.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the polar opposite. In his first interview for Man Utd, he told us how he “gets a buzz off every tackle”. Well, Manchester is certainly buzzing off every tackle he makes too.

Wan-Bissaka’s form has continued from pre-season to the competitive campaign

Versing Chelsea at Old Trafford was Wan-Bissaka’s competitive debut for the Reds. He successfully made 6 tackles, twice as much as anybody else on his side. He was in contention for ‘man of the match’, but it was given to Harry Maguire who had one of the best debuts fans have ever seen at Old Trafford.

At Molineux against Wolves, Wan-Bissaka made 7 tackles. Giving more and more evidence that his tackling ability is not a fluke, it’s not luck, it’s pure talent. The young full-back also made 62 passes in the oppositions half, more than any other player in the entire Premier League weekend. Prior to his arrival, question marks were held over his ability to attack. This is a key quality to have for a modern full-back, and with Man Utd’s playing style (compared to Crystal Palace’s) Wan-Bissaka has been able to prove them wrong.

Man Utd fans will hope that his form continues, as there is little concern about his class and quality. Should Wan-Bissaka spend a large portion of his career with the Red Devils, he may be in contention for being renown as one of the clubs greatest ever full-backs in history.

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