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Can Former Liverpool Boss Solve Man United’s Managerial Headache

In another week dominated by Mourinho’s antics, the Manchester United circus has well and truly kicked into life.

The week has seen Paul Pogba publicly told he will never captain the club again. Mourinho has had two years and has failed to get the best out of the player, meanwhile, Didier Deschamps had just two months with him over the summer, and Pogba achieving form somewhere very near his utmost best.

Yet Josè seems to place all the blame for this strained relationship squarely at the feet of the World Cup winner.

Come January it seems something will have to give. Most likely with Pogba the one to depart. But what club would possibly want a player so famously egotistical and difficult to work with I hear you ask… well that club is Barcelona. A footballing giant. So with clubs of this stature, seemingly lying in wait for the player, they must surely see something they think they can work with.

All this, coupled with an unceremonious exit from the League Cup, an exit at the hands of a rookie manager I might add, lead me to deduce that maybe, just maybe Mr Mourinho’s days are numbered.

But who could the club go for? Who could come in and steady a ship so misaligned, so riddled with frailties? The bookies would have you believe that there is only one person capable of such a task. Zinedine Zidane, but I feel this would be a terrible appointment at this time.

Now I’m sure Zinedine and Pogba are the best of pals (or at least would be), but in times like this, you need a manager that knows the Premier League. I feel the best solution in order to take a strong grip of the situation lies in the shape of one Rafa Benitez.

In a footballing world where the managerial elite, mostly seem to be in stable happy positions, Rafa could be available as tensions seem to be very high between himself and Mr Ashley.

Give Rafa three transfer windows and I feel he would have United playing a brand of football the Old Trafford faithful are much more accustomed to. Yes, he still plays with a philosophy bought out of a solid defence, but with a far more fluid, feel to it, with defensive play easing into attack seamlessly.

Is this type of talk too early?

Should Mourinho be given more time?

Well, maybe the board are happy to play the long game with him. But never before has Josè taken so long to get a team to adapt to his style. But even if this was to be achieved at some point this season, the gap to bitter rivals City and Liverpool would surely be insurmountable. Something that will never be accepted by the clubs fans. Lose the fans, and there is no way back for The Special One.

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