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Bury FC fans right to demand season ticket money back

Bury FC's future looks uncertain as their fuming fans successfully receive refunds on season tickets.

It gets worse for Bury FC as fans begin to rally together for refunds on season tickets, and the Football Manc Cave can understand why.

Several loyal Bury fans who have purchased season tickets are now demanding refunds, and are urging other fans to follow suit.

The beloved Greater Manchester club, formed in 1885, is on the verge of a shutdown after being plagued with debt in the region of £8million.

Staff have admitted to not being paid on time since January 2019, as well as players.

Fans are successfully receiving refunds under The Consumer Rights Act (2015) “The goods supplied must match any description given to you or any models or samples shown to you at the time of purchase.”

A letter from a fan

One fan sent an email to Bury’s support team which read the following:

“I’m getting in touch regarding a refund for my season ticket, which I wish to request today.

I bought this on the premise of an exciting season in League One with the basis of the team that got promoted last season. As this is being ripped apart by our chairman, I don’t wish to be associated with the club on this level.

I don’t agree with staff and players not being paid either – I was under the assumption season ticket monies would go some way to help pay our hardworking staff and players but it’s obviously being siphoned into another account seeing as the club account is frozen, and I don’t wish to line Mr Dale’s pockets.

This is not my club, I don’t identify with it, and I would like a refund.”

Bury fans also raised £900 in shopping vouchers and £1000 in cash to go some way into helping their ‘hardworking staff players’. An act of immense kindness no fan should be feel obliged to do, as they already show financial support by purchasing tickets and merchandise.

Regardless of whether or not the club survives this traumatic debt. Fans have every right to boycott the club and demand refunds, as consumers who have been falsely sold to.

One Twitter user stated “I’ll buy a season ticket once Mr Dale has left… If there’s a #buryfc left then that is. “

Any football fan would hate to see a historical club go down the gutter due to financial and business complications. We hope here at the Football Manc Cave that Bury FC can resurface and dust themselves off in the future.

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