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Bored striker was right to leave Man Utd

Lukaku didn't enjoy his time at Man Utd, so was Solskjaer right to let him go?

Romelu Lukaku’s International team boss has claimed that the striker was ‘bored’ at Man Utd, and is happy to see him facing a new challenge…

Whilst many Man Utd fans were glad to see the back of him, it seems Lukaku himself was glad to be leaving Manchester.

Ex-Everton and current Belgium boss Roberto Martinez admitted that “Romelu needed a new challenge. Sometimes you get bored of a club,”

Adding: “Working with Conte will please (Lukaku) and the project of Inter, who will chase the title, is interesting. I saw Lukaku laugh again and it made me happy.”

Was letting Lukaku leave the right option for Man Utd?

It appears that Lukaku is not happy unless he is part of a team who have high aspirations. However, upon joining Man Utd it was clear that the club was in no position to be fighting for big trophies. Furthermore, Lukaku would get nowhere near the two teams fighting for the Premier League; Man City and Liverpool.

This means that the Belgian knew he would not find success in English football, hence the move abroad.

Solskjaer’s new system involves high pressing and high intensity play, a stark contract to Inter Milan’s slow and pragmatic football. This is why the forward fits his new club much more than his previous club in Manchester.

Lukaku scored a typical Lukaku goal, a tap-in during a 4-0 win over Lecce for Inter Milan. But close inspection of the game demonstrates the issues in Lukaku’s game, his first touch, passing and out-of-the-box involvement is utterly abysmal. Not even Sunday league quality.

With recent business on Man Utd’s end, there is a reason to believe that Solskjaer is ridding the squad of players who don’t wish to be part of the story. Will this come back to bite him? With Martial’s injury likely to see him stay home as Man Utd face Southampton, it appears so.

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