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Bolton Wanderers Fan’s Still Unsure About Points Deduction & Playing Squad As Friday’s Buyer Deadline Looms

According to reports, the administrators of Bolton Wanderers say the Friday deadline for buyers is on track and there are no expected complications. Apparently, there has been a decent level of interest shown from parties who have had to pay a non-refundable £25,000 to see the books, show proof of funds for around £25million and pass the relevant EFL tests for owners and directors.

Bolton fans are worried that the possible further points deduction for the unplayed game against Brentford might be putting off future buyers, however. The EFL are not set to make a decision about the disrepute charge until late June.

Meanwhile, Bolton fans are contemplating how big their squad might be if they do start next season. Some players have already departed.

Bolton fans are rightfully worried about losing their playing staff but it is the delay in finding out what further points deductions they may face which is causing them sleepless nights.

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