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Bolton Wanderers: 2 strengths, 2 weakness that will see them survive in League One

The Football Manc Cave look ahead to what is going to be a tough season for Bolton Wanderers in League One.

An 18th place finish I think seems reasonable, seeing as they will be suffering from a 12 point deduction. I do think they will be able to make those points back plus a few more from some other games and I don’t think they will suffer from relegation.

Without doubt, it will be one of the toughest seasons Bolton fans will be put through. Here are 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that I think will contribute to the Trotters finishing just above the relegation zone in League One…

Strength 1: No Pressure

Last season, Bolton’s on-pitch performance kind of reflected the off-pitch problems. The team had lots of headlines about them, from going unpaid to fans protesting to get the owners out. The Whites were soon relegated and fans were devastated at the downward spiral that was unravelling before their eyes. However, this season should see this calm down. There are still problems with the ownership of the club although the old owners are gone and fans can focus on the football.

Strength 2: Youth

Fans are becoming increasingly frustrated that the problems behind the scenes at the club are still ongoing, and this means that no players have been able to put pen to paper and sign for the club. Their squad is currently made up of a handful of senior members and the rest are youth members.

While fans joked about the fact that preseason training would consist of 5 a side football, if that, I think Bolton fans should consider the fact that League One will need energy and these younger players have that. They do lack experience but the only way to get that is by playing, and they might not have a choice if the problems continue.

Weakness 1: Points & Players

As I’ve already noted, the team will start the season with minus 12 points to make up. That is already a big blow that will see them fighting from the very beginning. It’s not nice for any team to go through this issue as this has been the result of problems off the pitch that the players cannot control, therefore, they should not be punished.

This also all has an effect on the players. As I said, Bolton has not been able to sign any new players as of yet, so the players that are signed to them are going to have to step up. It’s already a big blow not to be able to give new players contracts, and Bolton fans have also got to consider that the senior members of the team will not want to stick around if the financial issues aren’t sorted soon.

Weakness 2: Manager

Personally, I am a Bolton fan who backs Phil Parkinson and thinks he should stay with us for the time being, as we don’t have much of an option. However, I know that there’s a lot of fans who have turned on him in the past few months and want him out.

So imagine that atmosphere at the University of Bolton Stadium with the points deduction, and everyone is against the manager already from the first game of the season. It won’t have a good impact on players.

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