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Bolton needs Hill to achieve these 2 crucial things

The Football Manc Cave are looking at 2 things that Keith Hill has to make a priority and work on this year with Bolton Wanderers to improve their form.

It’s fantastic that things are looking up at Bolton. New owners, new management, new players and the fans have stuck with them throughout. Season tickets have been on sale this week and the demand has been great.

That’s what the fans have done and what the owners are trying to do, but what does Keith Hill need to do for the rest of 2019 in order to succeed?

Sort Out The Goal Difference

Bolton currently sits at bottom of the league with -17 as their goal difference. It’s going to take time to sort that issue out, however, Keith Hill needs to work towards getting that number to single figures or even better, a plus.

This will need to start by working on the defence. He has options now with old and new players. If he works on the defence intensely, then he can start to work on the attack and goals.

I wouldn’t mind us losing a few more if it wasn’t 5-0 losses. If we are going to lose, it needs to be 2-1 or 1-0 to keep the goal difference down. Eventually, as performance gets better, we can start scoring and winning. I hope.

Get Us Out Of the -12 Points

We desperately need a few points to get out of the -12 deduction that was put on us. The young Bolton players who managed to get a point against Coventry were incredible to be able to do that, and now we need a few more of those performances.

It wasn’t Keith Hill, the fans or the players that got us into the mess, but unfortunately they are paying for it and having to get us out of it. The fans are doing their part by selling out away games and purchasing season tickets. Now it’s time for the hard work to kick in, tough management and great team selections.

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