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‘Beat the bookies’ Keith Hill’s Bolton war cry

Bolton Wanderers Keith Hill

Bolton Wanderers boss, Keith Hill has said in an interview that his side can ‘beat the bookies.’ The Football Manc Cave takes a closer look.

In an interview with The Bolton News, Keith Hill has responded to the fact that Bolton is still favourites to be relegated from League One this season. The Trotters fell 18 points behind the safety line after last weekends defeat to Portsmouth, and still have the possibility of further punishment from the EFL hanging over their heads.

Hill is now said to be urging his players to fight what is in front of them rather than worrying about the potential consequences and to also ignore anyone who is writing off their chances. He has explained how the club has been fighting a long, hard summer and still have had no relief but despite everything, he believes his side are ‘still in it.’ He’s also added to this by saying that anyone who disrespects League One simply doesn’t know it.

In my opinion, I do clearly think we’ve got a huge relegation battle on our hands. Once we get out of the points we have had deducted, we then have to start building again like it’s the start of the season. It will be a relief when we do get out of the minus and I think it’s coming sooner rather than later.

The harder work starts now

However, I like the fact that Keith Hill has got this teams mentality at a point where every game is just as important as the next. They don’t need to think about what’s being said, they just need to put the work in.

I think he’s absolutely spot on in saying that Bolton will beat the bookies because they have already. Look at the Sunderland game, we were not favourites at all, nowhere near but we were winning until the last couple of minutes of the game. Fans are actually excited to start putting bets on Bolton again because goals are coming gradually.

What Keith Hill has done with this team just proves that he knows what he’s doing. This is in no disrespect to Phil Parkinson because he stuck around in extremely difficult times and will always be remembered for that.

However, Hill’s experience with this level of football just goes to show. He’s got the squad playing skilful football, scoring goals, got the defence working as a solid team and is developing the youngsters well too. All of the above and he’s still not happy because he wants his squad’s fitness to be better, which just proves how much he cares for this team.

While I think it’ll be a hard battle. I think Keith’s attitude towards the league, his players and football as a whole will see us get back on top eventually.

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