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AWAY FANS SERIES: How Noel’s Uncle Inspired His English Club Preference

As part of our Away Fans Series, I caught up with Maltese Rochdale Fan Noel, who was inspired to start following the Dale through his uncle…

Ian: How long have you been a Rochdale fan?

Noel: Since 2012 it’s the first time I went to watch them play

Ian: How did you become a dale fan?

Noel: I have relatives that live there, my uncle use to live on Drake Street at the beginning of the 60s.

Ian: You say you live in Malta?

Noel: Yes, but I visited England 14 times.

Ian: How do you keep up to date with everything Rochdale?

Noel: From the official Rochdale FB page, supported chat and I’m a member of Rochdale supporters trust

Ian: You said you have been to England 14 times, how many times did you get a chance to go Spotland?

Noel: April, it’s my 15th time in England and my 10th time at Spotland. It’s a must I visit Rochdale each year

Ian: What do you make of this season?

Noel: We’re not that good we need to invest more in good and permanent players

Ian: Do you think they’ll stay up?

Noel: I hope so, but it’s gonna be difficult like last season, we had to win the last game

Ian: Over your 7 years as a supporter, what’s been your best game?

Noel: Last year v Spurs, it cost me €400 but it was worth it

Ian: I bet, what a memorable tie that was!

Noel: Yes, after the game against Millwall I phoned my cousin to buy me a ticket but were sold out. Then a friend called me that the club has hospitality package for €107 so I called the club to book one

Ian: Brilliant and what commitment! Do you plan to set up a Maltese supporters club at all?

Noel: I wish, and I have friends who are coming with me in April to watch Rochdale, maybe who knows, one day will have a supporters club here in Malta. Each time I visit I spend about €150 from the club shop to give as souvenirs to my friends

Ian: Brilliant, get the Rochdale name throughout Malta and hopefully, in the future, a supporters club. Thank you for your time mate

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