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‘Steve Dale you have ripped the heart and soul out of a community’ Bury FC face their biggest week in history

The Football Manc Cave is taking a look at your reactions to Bury with their current situation.

It’s no secret by now that Bury is in trouble. They’ve had no league games go ahead yet because of problems behind the scenes. We have been reporting all summer of the ongoings at the club, and I can’t believe we are still seeing them in such a bad situation.

This week, club owner Steve Dale has 3 deadlines:

Steve Dale has had 8 months to sort this mess. It now comes down to days. I really feel for not only the members of staff, the squad, coaches and management but mainly the fans. Their club could be no more and it isn’t their fault. It’s about time the EFL stopped allowing people to take over football clubs when they can’t fully afford to.

Reviews of owners should be put in place more often, to see if they can still afford what they set out to do. So that clubs don’t end up in these horrible situations.

Here are some more opinions and news coming from the club…

This is worth a watch…

‘Every credit to the kids but this cannot continue’ Bolton Wanderers fans getting impatient over the takeover delay

Bolton Wanderers suffered a 5-0 loss to Tranmere Rovers at the weekend. The Football Manc Cave looks at your reactions.

I am a Bolton fan. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that we are actually getting to play football, unlike Bury who is in a similar position to us. The thing is, our team consists of youngsters who aren’t prepared.

Every Bolton fan would agree, we are all proud of this young team and the fact they are getting their boots on and trying given the circumstances. The fact they got a point a couple of weeks ago is amazing and these lads will go down as legends for how they’ve gone about the situation with the club. The problem is, we didn’t get any pre-season friendlies organised for these youngsters because of the financial issues and now these kids are being thrown in at the deep end.

The players we have are being overworked. Three games in the space of a week for some of them, no wonder there are issues with injuries and tiredness. Phil Parkinson has raised his concerns for the health and welfare of the squad, I just hope something gets sorted soon especially in terms of the takeover.

Here are your thoughts…

Radcliffe FC will do well if their discipline record improves

It was Radcliffe’s first league game of the season and I had done a match preview here at the Football Manc Cave before it took place.

The line up I predicted wasn’t too different to the starting eleven that came out to face the first home game this season.

In my match preview, I stated that some of the Radcliffe players needed to calm a little and stay away from red cards going forward. Both the friendlies I saw them in saw little fights or arguments with the referees.

Inside the first ten minutes of the game, there were chances for both sides, however nothing enough to take any goals from their efforts. At the ten minute mark, Nathan Lowe received a yellow card for a late challenge on Kingsley Williams. After this, South Shields got a chance that was cleared by Boro’.

20 minutes in and just as both teams looked to be settling into the game, Harry Winter ended up getting booked for a silly challenge. This led to a very competitive period of football. The first half an hour of the game was tight.

34 minutes went by and this time, it wasn’t a Boro’ player seeing red, it was Jason Gilchrist of South Shields. There was an altercation in midfield which led to this. It was nice to see the Boro players not be on the receiving end of a disciplinary for once.

Danny Mitchley and Ben Wharton played ok, the fact that they were playing against 10 men and put some good work in together. They went for goal but unfortunately, it went just wide.

At half time, it was still 0-0. A competitive first half that got a little heated. The interval came at the right time allowing both teams to cool down and compose themselves.

Second half

The second half got underway and there were some clear chances from Radcliffe. A corner won by Danny Mitchley saw Rick Smith, Ben Wharton and Scott Metcalfe’s efforts fall short. Unfortunately for the Boro’, at the 51-minute mark, Robert Briggs of South Shields hit the ball into the top corner to put them up 1-0.

This was very disappointing as Boro’ had done brilliantly to stay in the game. Things got too much for the lads as 70 minutes in, Harry Winter was given his second yellow card and sent off for another silly challenge. This was the attitude I talked about in my match preview.

There were five minutes added on at the end of the second half and to be honest, South Shields should have been 2-0 up. It was a disappointing first game for the Boro’, although only a 1-0 loss isn’t as bad as what it could and probably should have been. They look promising for the rest of the season, however, and if they can refrain from red cards, they should be able to improve.

With 2 weeks left of the window, what do Oldham Athletic need to do

Leagues 1&2 still have a couple of weeks to get any last-minute signings done. What does Oldham Athletic need to do?

Oldham have had to face a lot over the summer, they’ve spent the majority of it getting used to the new manager, Laurent Banide. On top of that, fans were begging their team to get new signings made which is exactly what they’ve done. I just think it’s come too late and that’s the problem that Oldham are having.

They’ve managed to get the likes of, ex Bolton captain, David Wheater, another ex Bolton man, Chris Eagles and Plymouth left-back Ashley Smith-Brown to put pen to paper. There’s been a few more over the summer too, however, pre-season games showed Oldham that they needed better defence.

The players they have signed have great potential and I honestly don’t think they need to sign anybody else. If they do, that will be a bonus to the squad and it will give Banide more options. For the time being, however, it’s about the training sessions and how they can make the most out of them.

Defence needs work

One of the biggest things that need to be worked on is the defence. Like I said earlier, Oldham lacked quality at the back and the management finally realised that just before the start of the season when they started to recruit. Training sessions now need to be focussed on them and how they should gel together.

The situation that their style of play is in at the minute is very much like Man United’s last season. The back four need to tighten up so that they can push forward on the attack with no problems. Banide needs to work with what he’s already got and make it strong. That’s what he’s there to do, although he hasn’t been there long so he just needs some time. At least that’s what Latics fans are hoping.

Once the defence is at its best, that’s when the training sessions can switch to attacking positions. Banide will either turn this around or end up getting sacked. Who ever ends up in charge needs to work the existing squad up to standard.

3 players Man City need to shift before the Euro window closes

The Euro transfer window is still open and the Football Manc Cave are looking at 3 players Man City could get rid of or loan.

Pep Guardiola is a man who knows exactly what he wants and sometimes he wants to sign players and not use them, or at least not straight away. With Leroy Sané out injures at the minute, last weeks game made fans wonder who was going to replace him and Guardiola is a man with many options.

With a solid team consisting of Ederson, Walker, Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Jesus and many more, it leaves a bunch of others wanting playing time. Man City are known to sign players, build them up, add to their value and then sell or sometimes refuse to sell them.

With this in mind, here are three options of players that could be used somewhere else to gain some experience…

Daniel Grimshaw

When Claudio Bravo got injured last year, Grimshaw was the first in line to replace him. He’s a life long Man City fan and has played for the club since he was 9. Coming through the youth and development ranks, he’s clearly happy to be in a Man City shirt.

However, with Ederson being the main option, Bravo second and the arrival of Scott Carson on loan. This may be the perfect time to get him some experience from another club and Man City’s links with clubs abroad may help with that. That way he could come back motivated, determined and ready to step up.

Benjamin Mendy

The French 25-year-old only made 10 appearances for Man City last season. He has been undergoing surgery for a knee injury recently which will put him in a hard position when it comes to getting back into the squad. Pep Guardiola has apparently told him what he will need to do to get back into the squad, as he returned to training this week although it could be a possibility that he gets loaned out to another club who could make use of him maybe as a substitute.

His fitness won’t be up to scratch right now especially when defenders are needed to be in top condition for the champions. Hopefully, this will solve his recovery and he can arrive back at the Etihad better than ever.

Ryotaro Meshino

The 21-year-old only signed for Man City this month, however, he’s used to Japanese football and could benefit from going elsewhere to gain some experience. He has also been linked with a move to Hearts on a loan deal if it can officially go through. This is something Pep Guardiola’s team is known for doing. Signing a player, sending them out on loan and then taking them back when they’re ready. Meshino will be perfect for this whether it be Hearts or somewhere else, they should make this happen.

Do Salford City need to do anything in the remaining transfer window weeks

With only a couple of weeks left in the transfer window for leave one and two, The Football Manc Cave is looking at what Salford City can do.

If they manage to make any more signings in these next two weeks then it can only be a bonus to the squad. In my opinion, after seeing them twice in pre-season, I don’t think any new signings in any area is a priority. They’ve signed some great players who just need a little more work.

At the end of the day, Salford only got promoted at the end of last season and there were naturally average expectations for their standard of football in a new league. They had some tough pre-season games like Middlesbrough and Woking which saw some newbies like Richie Towell and Oscar Threlkeld in action.

They’ve done pretty well in League Two so far and they’ve found players that have helped them reach the standards required in this new league. They won their opening league fixture at home against Stevenage and managed a draw recently against Port Vale, 1-1. Considering they’re new to League Two, this is a good start.

Fitting the jigsaw pieces

It’s not new signings that they need to be looking at, they just need to find places for their new signings and see which position best suits their players. Ritchie Towell was amazing in pre-season. He creates chances, finds the back of the net sometimes and fights for every ball. From what I saw in the friendly games, it seems Salford can create chances very well, they just struggle to pass in the box from time to time, this can be because of greed a lot of the time.

When they are on top form, they play brilliantly and the chances they create usually end up in the back of the net. The squad just need to keep in the back of their mind that they have moved up a league and they don’t want to end up going back down.

Two things Charlton Athletic will be getting from ex-Bolton Wanderers man

Bolton Wanderers confirmed the departure of another player yesterday, Erhun Otzumer. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two things he will bring to his new club, Charlton Athletic.

With all the financial problems behind the scenes at Bolton, a lot of players have walked over the summer and Otzumer has finally decided enough is enough. He hardly got any playing time Under Phil Parkinson despite being more of an exciting prospect than most.

Charlton has now made a statement to confirm they have signed the midfielder. The 28-year-old has gone on a free transfer on a two-year deal. He nearly went to Charlton back in January and now that he feels his time at Bolton is ready to be up, he has put pen to paper. Otzumer also will feel like he’s back at home after spending time with Charlton’s youth and academy ranks when he was younger.

Here are two things he will bring to Charlton…


A lot of Bolton fans have been reacting to the news of his departure talking about how he didn’t get the chance to shine at the Trotters. Phil Parkinson’s style of play is very boring in a lot of Bolton fans opinions and this is probably why the midfielder never got a chance. He’s great on the ball and creative with his style of play. Not only will he go for goal but he will create chances for others too.


With everything going on at Bolton, a lot of the senior players have been striking and a lot of the youngsters have had to step up. This has put Otzumer in a tricky place as he wanted the Wanderers to solve their issues so that he could stay and play football with them.

However, it’s finally time he thought of himself and moved on. This will now see him getting to actually play football, try and show the management that he’s determined and motivated. He’s back playing in the Championship so he will want to prove that he’s worth taking a chance on, now that he’s with a club that isn’t worrying about money.

What will exciting Man City 21y/o bring to Hearts

Man City will be possibly loaning out Ryotaro Meshino to Hearts in order to boost his development. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two things he will bring to the club.

According to Edinburgh News, Hearts boss, Craig Levein is optimistic about the work permit that could be being granted in order to let 21-year-old Meshino move on loan. Pep Guardiola’s side only recruited him earlier this month, however, traditional Man City style could see him going out on loan to build his own experience and development but also to build his reputation.

The deal has not yet been completed for the midfielder, although hopes are very high for Hearts. If plans go ahead and he does get the decision going on his favour, what could Meshino bring to the Scottish side?


He hasn’t played an awful lot of top tier football so far. Yet he made the transition into becoming a member of the first team at Gamba Osaka earlier this year after he managed to find the back of the net 7 times in 4 games for the Under 23’s side. He’s also been noted to always have an eye for goal, pass a lot and dribble with the ball where and when it’s appropriate. He’s a clever player that will bring a lot of skill to Hearts.


The transition from Japanese football shouldn’t take him too long at all as he’s used to around 28,000 home fans piling the pressure on him. There will be a lot of pressure on the 21-year-old and expectations he’s not used to, however, if he’s going back into Pep Guardiola’s side, it’s something he will have to get used to.

Not only will he be bringing a lot of skill and creativity to Hearts that will hopefully result in goals, but Craig Levein and his team can also prepare him for what it’s going to be like to play over here.

‘Won’t be missed. Jog on’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to departed midfielder

Erhun Otzumer has become the most recent Bolton Wanderers player to leave the club and The Football Manc Cave look at your reactions.

A few months ago, I had Otzumer down as one to watch for the Wanderers. I also wrote that it’d be hard to keep hold of him as other clubs will have their eye on him. On Thursday, Bolton Wanderers announced that he has left the club and they wanted to wish him all the best.

The creative midfielder hasn’t been given enough of a chance with the Trotters and fans think he deserved an opportunity. This departure comes after players have gone unpaid for months and the complications with the take over of the club.

Here are fans reactions…

This line up will see Stockport County earn 3 points over Eastleigh, agree?

Jim Gannon’s side is trying their best to gain points in the National League and their next chance comes this Saturday against Eastleigh. The Football Manc Cave is looking at the possible line up, both teams last few games and players to look out for.

First 4 Games:

Stockport have done pretty well since they only got promoted last season.

Stockport 0-1 Maidenhead

Notts County 1-1 Stockport

Yeovil Town 1-1 Stockport

Stockport 3-2 Barrow

They’ll be looking to take another three points this weekend, however, they’ll have a hard task with Eastleigh in their sixth season in the National League. They got to the playoffs last season, so if Stockport wants to take anything from this game, they’ll have to work hard.

Eastleigh Form

Eastleigh so far has won against Notts County, 1-0, lost 1-0 to Yeovil, lost again to Barrow, 2-0 and drawn 1-1 with Sutton United. If the Hatters can play at the same standard they did against Barrow, they’ll be in with a chance. Jim Gannon’s side managed to win 3-2 from being 1-0 down.


Frank Mulhern received Man of the Match against Barrow so he will surely be in the line up on Saturday. Jordan Keane found the back of the net so he’ll be guaranteed his position. Adam Thomas also netted the other two goals and will be one to watch for Stockport.

The Hatters will be fighting for three points but even a draw will be an accomplishment from this tough side. Hopefully, Jim Gannon’s side can take the buzz they got from their 3-2 win and take motivation from it.

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