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Adapt and solidify is the key to Rochdale’s season, agree?

Rochdale started last season pretty poorly but managed to beat relegation, so what will they need to do for the 2019/20 campaign?

The Dale finished 15th out of 24 teams in League One last season after a poor start and a lot of losses. The team, staff and fans will all be hoping for a better year of football, a stronger team and a higher league finish.

They managed to stay in League One however after finding their feet as a team again towards the very end of the season following Brain Barry Murphy’s appointment with the last stretch of the season to go, so what can they do to have a more successful season next campaign?

Adapt to Change of Manager

Keith Hill was Rochdale’s manager at the start of the 2018/19 football year and fans were getting annoyed with the poor results, heavy conceding of goals and the general disappointment. Brian Barry-Murphy took over the club towards the end of last season and the Rochdale team already seem more promising.

If Murphy had have come in sooner, maybe Rochdale would have had a higher finish in the league. However, he has done a brilliant job of keeping them up so I hope he can do well for them in the months to come.

Goal Difference

In January, Dale fans were fed up of seeing their team concede 4 to 5 goals a game. It’s clear to see that since a new manager has taken over, they’ve managed to control that. Although next season, they will have to keep their goal difference to a reasonable number if they want to succeed.

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