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Accrington Stanley chairman Andy Holt steps in to help save Bury FC

Andy Holt is known as one of football’s finest owners within the football league. Accrington Stanley are punching well above their weight in League One and show no chance of letting up any time soon.

The fine work at Stanley leaves the onlooker with a lot to admire. Whilst a club only up the road look like they could go forever with Holt at the helm, Bury may not last three weeks more and could still be liquidated.

In just a matter of days the club captain, manager, assistant and director Matt McCarthy have all left the club, it looks as though the summer from hell is only just beginning.

Whilst forever Bury continue to drum up plenty of fan support and much-needed finance, the Accrington owner had his say on the Shaker’s financial crisis.

After speaking with Bury North MP James Frith, he looks set to take up an advisory role with the club. He will join existing structures within where somehow an experienced board of advisors will help the club stay afloat.

Speaking on Twitter yesterday afternoon he addressed the grave situation of the cash-strapped club.

While outlining that Dale was ‘doing an administrators job’ and was ‘trying to get rid of overheads’, he did outline communication running through the club needed to be far better, especially when dealing with staff. He also claimed Dale needed to have done ‘a detailed plan and an early settlement’ with staff, as he would have done.

What was clear in Holt’s message was for clear, communication between staff needs to be better. Alongside board members from JD Sports and former executive of Burnley, Frith with fans support hopes that come August Bury, as we know it will still live on.

There is no denying the mountain of debt Bury are in is worrying and still, no owner has been found to take over as custodian. Forever Bury are doing their very best with more members daily so fans can keep their fingers crossed.

Between now and the 19th June, Dale needs to report accurately just exactly what is going on with regards to the staff coming and going. While administration looks a possibility, something that looks a certainty is having a youth team setup and manager.

At least with Andy Holt on the board, there appears to be better business nous on the side. Bury have been missing that for a while.

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