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‘A very difficult topic as most fans thinks he should be long gone’ Bolton Wanderers’ Parkinson in the fans firing line

Bolton Wanderers fans found out that Football Ventures are the preferred buyers for the club this week, now there’s management ‘news’ too.

There’s a tweet circulating that states, “Phil Parkinson set to stay if Football Ventures close deal. Paul Aldridge also to have senior role.” This information, whether it be true or not has got fans talking and it’s not something that has been taken well.

The general response is that fans will not be renewing season tickets if this goes ahead. People are bored of the same football being played, they think the management needs freshening up. As for Aldridge, he should stay clear of Twitter and the club with the number of comments being made about him.

Bolton Wanderer’s writer, Marc Iles has responded to some questioning over Aldridge. He has claimed that nothing has been sorted long term, but he’s apparently helping to hand over as a club advisor. Therefore, there’s not a lot I can add on the back of this, just that I hope he stays away from the club, like a lot of Bolton fans.

Phil Parkinson

Now onto Parkinson. A very difficult topic as most fans thinks he should be long gone. My personal opinion is a little different. Don’t get me wrong, I really do agree that we need something to change in our management, I just don’t think this is the right time. I know many will disagree although I think some fans are forgetting the situation Parkinson has been in.

Just imagine managing a club that has no money. Players are turning up unpaid and unmotivated. The football club you are in charge of is constantly in the news for reasons beyond your control. I really don’t think that a management change should be at the top of our list of priorities. Let’s get the money settled behind the scenes, sign players and see if we can survive the new league. Now that Parkinson should have money to bring in fresh players, and the opportunity to make his own decisions. He’ll hopefully also have a team that is getting paid to their job this season, so a better performance may be possible.

If we have a severely poor season then yes, it’s his time to go. Right now, with the negativity surrounding the club and all the problems we are having, what person in the right mind would even want to take over this mess?

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