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A Disappointing Season For Oldham: Three Positives That The Latics Can Take Into Next Season

For many Oldham fans, the final League Two position of 14th will be the lowest they have seen the club finish since they started attending Boundary Park.

For many Oldham fans, the final League Two position of 14th will be the lowest they have seen the club finish since they started attending Boundary Park.

That alone will be reason enough to damn the 18/19 season as the worst in Latics history, but it is perhaps too soon to come to this conclusion given the madness of the last nine months.

There can be no denying however that of the three teams who came down from League One last year with Athletic, two have returned there straight away and the other put five goals past us on the final day of the season.

That’s not a good starting point in which to look at positive signals for next season but there are some nonetheless.

The emergence of two former youth players is a bonus for the club whose involvement in the transfer market has been sporadic, to say the least. George Edmundson and Tom Hamer have been at the heart of Latic’s defence all season and for the first time in many years, we have ended the campaign with a positive goal difference. This may seem like a small victory but if Oldham’s fortunes had been slightly better, goal difference might have been the key to getting into a playoff position.

The emergence into the first team of two more Academy players in Javid Swaby-Neavin and Harry Robinson gives a great deal of hope for the future, and there are others on the sidelines who may soon join them.

Elsewhere there are moves afoot via the Latics Trust to establish a working dialogue with owner Abdallah Lemsagam, given the level of mistrust which currently exists. This has to be looked on as a positive move even though there are many fans who appear to have decided that they’ve had enough of all the subterfuge and, have threatened never to return to Boundary Park until Lemsagam leaves.

By all accounts that is unlikely to happen given the amount of money he has invested in the club, but there is always room for talks which might clear the air and at the very least we should give him and the Trust the benefit of any doubt. Allowing the two parties to arrive at either a compromise or a vision of the way forward.

Finally, Latics can at least console themselves in the knowledge that the core of their fan base remains as passionate and determined as it has ever been.

On numerous occasions this season there has been plenty of praise for Oldham’s vociferous army of fans from opposition fans at Fulham and, players like captain Peter Clarke and Callum Lang who recognised the contribution the fans have made.

The season may be remembered for the rumours of unrest in the dressing room and the exits of two managers. However, in order to move on, we must accept that there are other teams, on paper far more successful than ourselves, who are in danger of disappearing forever.

It is not a popular opinion but given the plight of a number of teams who have an uncertain future, at least Latics are in a position to start the 19/20 season without the shadow of a points deduction hanging over them.

For the time being, that is going to have to be our positive starting point.

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