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A 3-point plan for Rochdale’s Barry-Murphy to make it a successful season

With a relatively new manager, Brian Barry-Murphy going into his first proper season of management, what will help him have a successful season?

Murphy was asked back in March to take over Rochdale as Keith Hill was sacked. He managed to keep the club out of relegation and he is now starting the clubs new season as their manager. This will either see a rise or fall for himself and the club.

Even though he managed to keep them up, Dale only managed to finish 15th. My guess now is that Rochdale fans will be wanting a season in which they do not have to constantly worry about relegation being an option.

With that being said, what 3 things can Rochdale do to have a great season?

Trust In BBM

Brian Barry-Murphy has already given Rochdale fans some hope as he kept them up and managed 6 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses in the 11 games he took over.

I hope fans give him a chance at the start of the season to get going. He played for the club in 2018 before being asked to be the manager, and this says that he already has a connection with staff and players that needs to stay strong in order for him to succeed. In an interview with the club, he has gone on to mention how he is going by the motto, “quality not quantity” in terms of signings, which brings me into my next point.


In the same interview, he has gone on to say that he’s finding it hard getting the correct signings and deals, but does have a plan. Since that interview, he’s managed to get Matty Done and Ollie Rathbone to extend their contracts. Even though he might not be getting in new players which seems to be what fans want, he’s certainly getting the ball rolling and I hope these players perform for him and the club when given the chance.

Goal Difference

When Keith Hill was sacked, fans were happy as the time was right. One main factor that prompted the manager’s departure was the mass goal losses each week. They were conceding 4 to 5 goals a game which did not help at the end of the season when Murphy had to take over.

If Rochdale wants to have a successful season, they’re going to have to produce more goals themselves and keep their goal difference to a minimum and acceptable amount.

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