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57% think Bolton Wanderers will place higher than Bury & Rochdale, despite off the field options

Despite a points deduction, voters believe that Bolton will prosper in the EFL League One.

Football Manc Cave’s recent poll suggested that Bolton will be the best of the three clubs in the upcoming EFL League One Season.

Bolton will be starting their new league with a 12 point deduction, due to entering administration last month and Bury themselves could meet the same fate. Whilst Rochdale may be looking at another mid-table season.

However, 57% of over 200 voters believe that this won’t stop the Wanderers from out-playing both Bury and Rochdale in League One.

Bolton Wanderers are losing key players due to administration and relegation, as well as Phil Parkinson delaying their pre-season training after discussions with the board. But fans are still confident.

Bury themselves are potentially facing a points deduction at the beginning of the season in their new league after being promoted from League Two. Making victory from their uphill battle in a tougher division, look even less likely. The results of the poll were confirmed before any official announcement of Bury’s points deduction, meaning that the club will be all the worse-off that fans originally thought.

Rochdale sat in an average 16th place at the end of the 18/19 season, and received 31% votes in the poll, placing them second above Bury.

It seems as though the general opinion is that Bolton will overcome their point deduction and comfortably survive the EFL League One. Whereas the new challengers Bury, who already had a tough season ahead, will most likely find themselves back in the EFL League Two at the end of 2020, with Rochdale sitting somewhere between the two.

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