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3 things Guardiola will be working on in Man City’s international break

Another international break is on its way to interrupt the Premier League. The Football Manc Cave is looking at what Man City will have to focus on in preparation for their next fixtures.

Man City haven’t had great form recently. Some may say that this international break couldn’t have come at a better time for them. Pep Guardiola will have his players working hard in training.

He will also be working hard behind the scenes to come up with plans for his squad members who will be away on international duty. Pep will be furious at the recent unexpected losses his side have faced.

These poor performances have meant that Liverpool has gone 8 points clear on top of the league. This is why plans need to be put in place for improvement and fast.

Here are 3 things I think he should be working on…


This is obvious. However, it’s also unfortunate for the Man City boss as he’s had to cope with injuries. Despite being low on options, he’s still put a defensive line up out every week.

The players he is picking, on paper, should be able to cope with the pressure. This isn’t the case and things need to change at the back. It isn’t even down to particular players. It comes down to communication and teamwork.

Whenever Wolves managed to break, there was no plan. Defenders were too far down the pitch and were having to scramble back into position. Too many players were chasing the same ball and it just didn’t look like the usual blues. The team need to work on this.

Defensive Midfielders

Something that Pep Guardiola is good at is having versatile players. He’s got a few players who can adapt to being defensive in the middle rather than always attacking.

Two players who had to try and adapt to this against Wolves were Rodri and Gundogan. Although they tried, they need some more training. Pep should be working on his defence and midfielders working together and communicating.


The absolute last thing that Man City need now is any player suspensions. Especially in defence. However, if Pep doesn’t work closely with his players, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

When the squad faced Wolves, 5 players ended up with yellow cards. Ederson, Fernandinho, Cancelo, Gundogen and Rodri were all penalised. This is really concerning. Especially with most of these being defenders.

The Man City boss can fix this by working on cleaner and better-timed challenges. He can also work on the pressure as it looks like most players are tackling badly out of frustration.

I’m sure the boss has more plans up his sleeve for this international break. However, we will have to wait until it’s over to see if his plans are put into action.

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