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3 things Cook will be working on in Wigan Athletic’s international break

Wigan Athletic manager Paul Cook

Wigan Athletic fans are becoming increasingly concerned with their teams recent form. This international break will be an opportunity for Paul Cook to try and put a plan in place...

Fans that see this article will be thinking ‘trying to keep his job’ is something Cook will be trying to do. I agree. The Wigan boss hasn’t got his team producing great performances recently.

In post-match interviews, he has been making excuses regarding away form. Wigan keeps failing to win away from home. Fans are calling him out saying that’s not an excuse for the poor form.

With that in mind, I think Cook needs to take advantage of this international break. These are three things he could do to make the squad perform better…


According to Cook, the football that his squad are playing always matches the opponents. He thinks that Wigan is only losing by margins. This simply isn’t good enough.

Most fans think it is more than that. They’ve not got a good clean sheet record and are throwing away most games right at the end. Therefore, one thing Cook can work on is pressure in training.

He should make up training plans that will exploit players who crumble under pressure. That way he can try to get them to improve. Hopefully this way, Wigan can get to 90 minutes without giving goals away.


To go alongside the previous point, defenders need to work on pressing until the very end. If these margins that Cook is talking about are fine, then it shouldn’t be too hard.

However, fans clearly disagree. The Wigan squad are going out week in, week out and are being told to keep the goal difference down. Unfortunately, Cook needs to work harder with his defence if he wants that to work.


If he can get his defence a little more solid and work on adding pressure to them so they won’t crumble, he can then work on the attack.

Wigan is not a team who are afraid to go for goal. The squad should communicate on the pitch more in order to be able to successfully attack. If they can break off oppositions chances and work collectively, goals will come.

It then that they need to work together to make sure they keep clean sheets. There’s a lot of things that he can try to work on. Fans will be listing things. However, I think most are truly fed up now. My prediction is that after this break, if there’s no improvement, Wigan will be recruiting a new manager.

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