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3 more reasons why Salford City fans should be excited about next season

If being promoted wasn’t enough for Salford City fans last season, here are some other exciting factors that this new campaign should bring.

Graham Alexander did a great job in making sure the Ammies were promoted from the National League to League Two at the end of the 2018/19 season, and he’ll be hoping that his team has the same success going forward.

It’s hard to say whether the Class Of 92’s team will cope with the pressure of the promotion and being in a new league. We will all have to see how they perform on the pitch.

Meanwhile, here’s three things Salford fans can look forward to…

Sky Covered Matches

Some people, especially from other clubs, have said that Sky covered matches for Salford City would be a negative thing. It could drive away fans from actually buying tickets and going to games. A lot of other clubs in league two have shown their frustration in Sky giving the Ammies televised games, as they have only just been promoted.

However, the Manchester team should look forward to the coverage that their team are going to get off the back of this. You can see their opening game against Stevenage on Sky Sports on the 3rd of August.

New League & Competitions

Salford’s League campaign will be hard and they should focus on their progress in league two more than anything else. Only this level of football will see the Ammies compete in competitions such as the Carabao Cup. It will be an exciting opportunity for fans and the team. Especially as the Carabao cup saw Salford draw Leeds Utd in the first round which will also more than likely be a televised game.

Highly Anticipated

The team have received a lot of hate from other clubs before and after their promotion, for a whole list of different reasons from their owners, to money to Sky picking them for TV. Some may say it’s jealousy. Some may say they deserve it. It’s football and it causes debates, however, one thing you can’t deny is that most teams in league two have them down as ‘key dates.’ Even Oldham Athletic have the Ammies down as a game to look out for.

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