Guardiola’s strong Foden stance is paying off for Man City


Here inside the Man Cave, all the talk has been about Manchester City’s Phil Foden following his superb display against Liverpool on Sunday.

It’s been five years since a young 16-year-old Foden first appeared on the Man City bench. There have been many calls for him to be loaned out over the years. Despite having the likes of David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne in front of him, Foden has slowly edged his way into the team.

Many have criticised Pep Guardiola’s handling of the rising England star. However the slowly, slowly approach his paying off dividends for the Spaniard and the long term game plan is looking to be working for all parties involved.

Year on year, Guardiola has given Foden more and more minutes on the pitch. During his breakthrough season in 2017/18, Foden made a total of 10 appearances and 334 minutes. The following season, 26 appearances and 1151 minutes. This increased again last campaign to 38 appearances and 1783 minutes across all competitions.

So far this season, Foden’s presence on the pitch has already surpassed last years mark by 141 minutes, with a third of the season yet to play.

Not only are his minutes improving, so are his goals and assists numbers with 10 goals and 6 assists already this season compared to last years 8 goals/9 assists. The overall picture is that Foden is having a major impact season by season and this seemed to have all come together on Sunday with a fantastic performance.

Let’s not forget, he is 20 years-old!

A local lad, living the dream, proper Roy of the Rovers tackle.

He is a cert for the England squad this summer, barring any injuries; Let’s hope we’ve not just jinxed him.

Pep Guardiola has to be applauded for his strong stance and belief in such a young talent. Could this be the way forward for our young, English players?

We see far too many handled the wrong way and end up lower down the leagues wondering ‘what if I’d been given the chance’. It’s far to easy for clubs to throw a youngster out on loan. Take Chelsea for an example a few years ago, Europe seemed to be littered with Stamford Bridge hopefuls.

We hope to see more of this going forward, the sticking point for many managers is simply being given the time to make a plan and execute it.

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