These 2 Liverpool fixtures could let Man City back within reach

The Football Manc Cave is looking at two potential fixtures coming Liverpool’s way that could close the gap for Man City in the title race.

Man City have fallen subject to two unexpected losses, one against Norwich and another against Wolves. It’s football and anything can happen, however, I do believe that Man City can turn things around this season and get themselves back into the title race. Injuries have meant that Guardiola has had a hard job and performances have shown that when the defence has been sloppy at times.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has won 8 out of 8 and don’t seem to be making any mistakes. City fans thought an opportunity had come up this weekend as Leicester were drawing with Liverpool all the way through the game until a last-minute penalty gave the Reds all three points.

The 2-0 loss for City against Wolves made things even harder to take. It now looks as though Liverpool are going to have to make a few mistakes, or have a couple of tough games in order to allow City a way back to the top.

Here are two fixtures that could do some damage…

Leicester City Away

On the 26th of December, Liverpool travels to Leicester and if the game at the weekend is anything to go off, Liverpool could lose points here. In the final stages of the game, Leicester gave away a penalty that saw the reds win. This resulted in a bit of disagreement after the final whistle, in which players got a little too hot-headed and started to get into a fight.

As well as the standards of football being up there for both teams, Leicester will also have some expectations when they host the current league toppers. They surely will want to take all three points just as revenge for the penalty at the weekend.

Even if it’s a draw, I think Liverpool will struggle.

Man City

The two have yet to face each other this season and when they do, it will be highly anticipated. On the 10th of November, Man City will travel to Anfield and on the 4th of April, Liverpool will travel to the Etihad.

Even though City are playing poorly at the moment, when it comes to Liverpool, standards will be raised, higher expectations will be lifted and the mentality all the players will have will be different to other games.

This is why I think Liverpool possibly will have a tougher fight, especially away from home.

Liverpool fans will disagree with how their form is at the minute, however, I suppose we will have to come back to this subject nearer to April to see if both sides form have changed.