Bolton Wanderers 2 key fixtures in the bid to claw back their points deficit

Bolton Wanderers desperately need to get out of the -11 deduction that they are still in. Now that new management has taken over, The Football Manc Cave have picked out two fixtures in 2019 that will most likely see Bolton take back a few points.

Keith Hill has got a lot of work to do. New players, a minus point system to work out of and a lot of pressure. It can be done. Things will get better for Bolton, I’m sure of it. Once the team is fully gelled together and working well, they will concede less and hopefully score more.

Before 2019 is over, Keith Hill will have picked out some games he thinks he might be more likely to succeed and gain some points from than others. We have done the same and here are the fixtures that we have picked out and why…

AFC Wimbledon

Currently, Wimbledon sits at 21st in the league. They have 3 points and are also struggling. On December the 7th, Bolton will play them at home. By this time, you would think that Keith Hill has things under control and Bolton will be on the up.

With that in mind, hopefully, Bolton will be able to get a draw out of this or even, if they’re lucky, a win. If Bolton can’t get something from the teams down at the bottom with them, then they will really struggle even more to get out of the situation they’re currently in.

Southend United

On the 14th of December, Bolton is going to have a hard game against Peterborough away. On the 21st, they then play Southend at home. Southend also sits down at the bottom of the table, they are currently 22nd and on 1 point. It would be a nice reward if Bolton could take something from that game, hopefully, all three points will come of it.

That would be a great Christmas present to the fans and the players will hopefully show their development. It’s going to be a hard job to get the Whites out of the minus 11 they are on, however, I believe Keith Hill will be able to lead the squad to do it in time.