Another crucial signing Man Utd have missed out on

Inaki Williams opens up about Man Utd contacting him regarding a move to Old Trafford, just before the striker signed a nine-year deal with Athletic Bilbao…

Man Utd missed out on yet another transfer, Inaki Williams. A forward who favours the right-wing, but can comfortably perform across the front three positions. This is very similar to Man Utd’s current set-up of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Daniel James.

The versatility of the 25-year-old striker fits well with Solskjaer’s desired mould. But the player’s loyalties to the club he calls home is what hindered the opportunity to sign him.

Is it a measurement of Man Utd’s downfall that they failed to attract a forward player who has never contributed to more than 17 goals in a single league campaign?

With rumours of Man Utd’s keen interest in 19-year-old Bundesliga superstar Jadon Sancho, perhaps it was for the best that Williams remained at Athletic Bilbao. As this may have disrupted Man Utd’s chances of sealing their best signing since Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the speedy forward Inaki Williams could have served well as a rotational forward player. A role that Lukaku would not accept, hence his departure.

Should this of been the case, and Man Utd signed Williams before going on to sign Sancho, their forward firepower including Martial, Greenwood, James and Rashford would be absolutely terrifying. Certainly one of quickest forward line ups in European football.

Until Man Utd sign at least one midfielder and a right-winger, their squad is arguably on par with that of Leicester City’s. Making this season a very difficult one. But Solskjaer has assured the public that Man Utd are taking their time in signing the right players with the right mindset.