Man Utd have to try their best to capture Benfica’s highly-rated 20y/o

Benfica’s 20-year-old midfielder Florentino Luis is attracting the tops clubs of Europe, including both Man Utd and Man City…

If Man Utd can challenge Man City in anything (these days), it’s transfers. Man Utd has had scouts in Benfica watching the defensive midfielder amongst other talents in the club.

After Man City signed Rodri, it appears that the interest from the Citizens has dwindled down. Whilst Man Utd are suffering significant consequences of not signing a midfielder, which could genuinely result in the side finishing outside the top 8 in the Premier League.

The good news, though, is that Man Utd have the ball in their court to pursue this defensive maestro.

So, what’s so good about Luis?

Particularly in the modern game, having a defensive midfielder is crucial. There are tactically aware, ball-playing, sensible defensive midfielders, such as Rodri and Nemanja Matic. Or there are advanced, skilful and able to initiate a build-in play like Chelsea’s Kante. There are even aerial duelling, strong and commanding maestro such as Yaya Toure.

With Luis, he seems to embody all of these qualities. Man Utd desperately needs a strong, defensive and well-rounded defensive midfielder to both guard the back four and find suitable passes to initiate an attack.

In my opinion, the best defensive midfield option for Man Utd to pursue is Leicester City’s Wilfried Ndidi. However, with Leicester City looking to overtake the Red Devils as the weakest side in the top 6, as well as losing Harry Maguire to them, it seems very unlikely.

This is why going all out for Luis is necessary, despite his price potentially being around £100million. As of right now, every top 6 side, plus Wolves and Leicester, have better midfields than Man Utd, a side looking to reach the top four. Without improving this key area, they are getting nowhere near.