Interesting: What if Sanchez had joined Man City over Man Utd…

In January of 2018, Man Utd shook the Premier League by making the astronomical signing of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal amid interest from Man City…

Football fans speculate that Alexis Sanchez was pursued by Man Utd to avoid him falling into the hands of Pep Guardiola. In a team full of both Premier League talent, but mostly European talent. Including a Premier League dynamo such as Alexis Sanchez could have been seen as an attempt to distance the Blues from the rest of the Premier League even further.

Should this be the case, it explains why Man Utd offered Sanchez wages that would make him the highest-paid player in the country.

Did Sanchez’s wages ruin his career?

After joining Man Utd, a few weeks of dull performances and no chance of winning trophies could have massively harmed Sanchez’s mentality. As a human, he may well have regretted the decision to take a huge money contract over the opportunity to lift the Premier League trophy. Snowballing into the Alexis Sanchez we think of today, one of the biggest transfer flops in Premier League history.

Should Sanchez have opted to move to Man City, he would first and foremost have more trophies than he does now. Furthermore, his form from Arsenal may well have continued or returned to him as his transfer-regret would be non-existent. Resulting in the Chilean remaining in the Premier League to this, scoring and assisting like the Sanchez we used to know and love.

On top of that, Guardiola would have probably recognised the player’s technical ability. Instead of playing Sanchez as an out-and-out winger who is expected to dribble through and past players, he would be utilised as an inverted winger or attacking midfielder who feeds dangerous balls into the attackers behind the defence.