2 significant things striker has to do to earn a starting spot at Wigan Athletic on his return

Wigan Athletic fans were disappointed to find out that starlet, Callum Lang would be joining Shrewsbury on a loan deal. The Football Manc Cave is taking a look at what he’ll need to do in order to get a starting 11 spot when he returns.

Callum Lang isn’t a stranger to loan spells. He’s been at Morecambe and Oldham too since signing for Wigan’s senior squad. While it’s exciting for him to be going to a different club and getting playing time, it’s safe to say that Wigan fans would have liked to keep him in their squad and see him play.

Lang will now use Shrewsbury to learn, develop and grow as a player as he aims to make his debut against a struggling AFC Wimbledon this weekend. He will want to show Wigan what he’s capable of upon his return and this is what he will be looking to do…


This will seem obvious for the striker however, he knows that Wigan will continue to observe his efforts while he’s with Shrewsbury so he will want to rack up a tally of goals. During his spell with Morecambe, he scored 10 goals in 34 appearances. At Oldham, he managed 16 in 50 appearances. If he gets his name on the scoresheet often, Wigan fans will be screaming for their club to never let him go again.

Help Shrewsbury Climb League One

As I said, Lang will want to show Wigan what they’re missing while he’s away. If he can help Shrewsbury climb the league and do well, they’ll be excited about his return. If Wigan can see and prove that he’s been a big factor to Shrewsbury’s campaign this season, from goals to pass rate, to set pieces, they’ll surely have to give him a chance in their starting line up when his loan spell is over.

This loan has divided some Wigan fans. While most think it’s bizarre and wanted him to stay, some think he needs the experience to prove himself and improve his performance. So either way, Lang has got a big mission while he’s out on loan.