Man Utd women need to play these 2 to start the campaign with a win

This weekend is huge for the Women’s Super League and for The Football Manc Cave. We are looking at two Man United women stars that will make that difference in their season opener.

As many fans of Women’s football know, Man United only formed their women’s team last year and they managed to gain promotion immediately. They’ve had players like Alex Greenwood make names for themselves and now they have a fight on their hands in the WSL.

Greenwood was the captain of the Red’s, however, after her summer campaign for England, she was recruited by Lyon and she has departed Casey Stoney’s side. It’s a blow for the team as she was the main part of their promotion. However, United need to put that behind them as they face Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium this Saturday.

It will be one of the biggest games for both clubs in terms of the support and the media, I will be there and I can’t wait, I’ll be tweeting updates throughout the game for people who can’t make it.

With that in mind, here are two Man United players who will make a difference to the game. Both teams will be looking for a win with it being highly competitive and a derby, however, Man United have big competition here.

Jackie Groenen

She made a name for herself in the Women’s World Cup over the summer for the Netherlands. Groenen was then announced as a new signing for Manchester United women, which made fans excited to see her in a United shirt.

She’s a midfielder who will act as a defensive part of the team but also isn’t scared to go for goal, just like she did in the World Cup. The midfielder also has experience in the WSL after a brief period with Chelsea back in 2014.

Yes, the standards may have changed since then, although having the experience is vital as she won’t be put off or find it too much of a challenge. One more thing to note is that she got to see a lot of the Man City squad out in France over the summer so she won’t be too threatened by them.

Abbie McManus

Another new signing for the Reds, however, this time I’ve picked her for different reasons. She played for Man City up until the end of last season and she is massively excited about the derby. She’s even said that she’s ‘over the moon’ to be playing and stated that she’s in the right colour, which is red.

The fact that she’s a fan of the team she’s playing for will help and drive her to try and win this game. One huge thing that would have helped Casey Stoney is that McManus knows the ins and outs of her ex-teammates, and no doubt she would have been sharing them with her new team to make sure they’ve got everything covered before the big day.