Will VAR drive Premier League fans to the EFL and Non-League for a real football fix

The introduction of VAR to the Premier League has caused as much controversy as expected. With money as the motive in every aspect of a business, it might not last much longer as fans are preferring lower-tier competitions in order to see some real football being played…

Football fans across England see VAR as a destructive tool of the game. The human error of referees had always been part of the sport, judging the performance of the referee came second to judging the performance of the players.

VAR, which stands for Virtual Assistant Referee, has killed the buzz of seeing your team score a goal, as you tend to have to wait for VAR to check the legitimacy of the goal.

With the billions and billions of pounds floating around the Premier League, fans fear that football is beginning to come second to the ‘Reality TV-like’ aspect to the modern game. VAR certainly adds to this.

As a result, lovers of the sport are preferring to watch lower-tier football. The EFL and non-league competitions have not had VAR introduced, and also have more of a focus on the football being played on the pitch as opposed to what happens off it, who took a penalty or what Pogba’s hair colour is etc.

In essence, it is a form of boycotting.

So what is bad about VAR?

Of course, and myself is no exception to this, VAR is only ever good when it favours the side you support. It is part of the natural biases and delusions of a football fan.

However, many European folks criticise American Football for its stop/start nature and claim that the sport isn’t gripping or exciting. This may well be the case for European football in the coming years as VAR takes over.

As it stands, VAR is necessary for decisions that are not absolutely clear to human referees. With arguments that VAR cannot be completely accurate, it completely avoids the need for it.