‘Bassini claims he’s got 8-10 players ready to sign for the club. But he won’t name the players’ More rambles for Bolton Wanderers fans to digest

The Football Manc Cave are looking at fans reactions to Laurence Bassini’s latest attempt at trying to get Bolton Wanderers fans on his side.

You’d think now that the court case at Bolton is over that Laurence Bassini would have walked away. But no. Instead, 30 to 40 fans missed Emmerdale and went to meet him at 7 pm on Tuesday night to listen to more lies and empty promises. Don’t get me wrong, I was thinking of going myself for a laugh, however, I remembered that going and giving him the time of day would look better on him and he doesn’t need any encouragement.

He met the crowd outside the stadium and wasn’t able to give any answers to his promise that he could bring in players from West Ham and Arsenal. He also couldn’t explain his comments about Phil Parkinson in regards to calling him a ‘mercenary.’ One blizzard comment seemed to have Bassini hint that ex EFL supremo, Shaun Harvey and ex Wanderers chairman, Ken Anderson were lovers.

As you can imagine, fans started to walk away and he became desperate to keep them interested. He got sniggers from the crowd when he was asked about his loan from David Sullivan and how he would repay it. Changing the subject was something he was apparently great at. He even went on to say that he would get the minus twelve points that Bolton have started the season off with, removed. He failed to explain how. All I know is I want him removing from getting involved in our club.

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