2 positives from Oldham Athletic fan’s can gain from last night’s draw

Oldham Athletic played Exeter last night which ended in a 0-0 draw. The Football Manc Cave is looking at two positives that can be taken from their performance.

Oldham fans have become increasingly frustrated with their team’s losses. I have been saying for a while that the signings over the summer came too late and didn’t leave enough time for the new manager, Laurent Banide to get them gelled into the team.

If these signings had been made earlier, maybe they’d have been more prepared and the squad have also had to adapt to their new manager. Even though it’s come too late, maybe now things are starting to come together with Oldham winning their first point.

Here are 2 positives fans can take from the draw…

Clean Sheet

Not only was it their first point of this season, but it was also a clean sheet which shows how the defence has started to come together. The defence was a serious talking point all summer because of the lack of signings. Prayers were answered when David Wheater put pen to paper, the only thing is, he’s been out the last few weeks. He was back in action last night and Banide has pointed him out as being a key player.

Aim For More

Now that the defence is looking to be improving and they’re getting draws, now they need to go for wins. Now that the back four are tighter, attacking and creating chances needs to be the next step. Sure, Oldham is going to face other losses and draws before they go on to win, however, this is hopefully a turning point. I along with many others predicted a loss last night but they didn’t and it’s given fans a bit of hope.