Man United need depth after Solskjaer runs out of answers following Wolves draw, agree?

A tough game for Man Utd was expected against Wolves at Molineux, and a tough game is what they got.

Wolves and Man Utd faced off at Molineux in a highly anticipated match-up. Had Wolves been spared Europa League football this season, many would place a bet on them finishing in the top 6.

The game proved to be a tight matchup as momentum and confidence swayed between the two sides throughout the game.

Man Utd controlled the game in the first half an hour, having well over 65% possession and seemed to be in total control of the game. A well-worked and beautifully struck goal from Anthony Martial backed up the new number nine on the back of his shirt. But if he wants to be up there with the best, he needs to be the man who digs Man Utd out of tight games like this one, to help them clinch a win.

Solskjaer’s defence is very solid until shaken. A ricochet off the post and into De Gea out of immediate danger resulted in the Reds looking scrappy and disorganised for far too long. Gaining and keeping composure is something this side has to work on.

Man Utd played the ball around their own half, and in some instances played some fantastic football out of the back. However, Wolves used Man Utd’s tactic against them by pressing and enticing errors.

Whether it be a statement of Wolves or Man Utd, both teams appeared evenly matched. Wolves had the aforementioned ricochet whilst Paul Pogba missed a penalty for Man Utd. Either way, the game was as tight as we all expected.

Did Solskjaer make some bad decisions?

Solskjaer’s approach has been questioned. After half time, Wolves manager Nuno opted to bring on the strong and pacey Adama who turned the game on its head. Man Utd had no answer other than relying on their strong defence to keep out as many goals as possible.

Jesse Lingard, who had been running the game in and around the opponents half, was subbed off for Juan Mata, who made no impact. Mason Greenwood replaced Dan James, who also looked threatening throughout the game, and couldn’t find time to get into the game.

Man Utd were the more dominant side overall. With 65% possession and 652 passes compared to the opponents 352, the Reds failed to do anything in the final third.

Adama stopped his side from losing

Playing down the right flank, Adama proved too much for Luke Shaw. This resulted in McTominay and Maguire edging towards the left-back position to provide support, leaving massive holes in the midfield. This is where the game slipped away from the Red Devils. Their defence is lacking quality as is, even more so when their midfield isn’t in the mid-field.


Expected. Wolves are a fantastically solid side against the top 6. They have the squad, the manager and the ability to finish top 6 this season. I suppose the true victor will be crowned when they face off at Old Trafford…