Staff turn on Steve Dale before he announces plans to sell Bury FC

Steve Dale may be about to leave Bury football club in the coming days, after announcing plans to pass the club onto a new custodian saying his role as chairman was damaging to his long-term health.

Dale will go down in history as one of football’s most divisive owners, in the same bracket as Bolton’s Ken Anderson and Blackpool’s Karl Oyston.

Yet as the Shakers third game of the season against Gillingham is set to go the way as the previous two, i.e suspension until further notice. Dale made the most incredible statement yet of his reign, saying he ready to sell the League One side to a credible buyer.

Dale statement, speaking to the BBC

“Due to the agenda with the EFL, my health and recent events at the Club I can confirm I am happy to pass the Club on to the next custodian. For an agreed consideration and them being the right fit for Bury.”

This all came after his longterm staff told the chairman to sell the club after receiving a very good offer. Putting their own jobs on the block in order to save the 134-year-old business from liquidation, something that is now a real possibility in the coming days. Despite saying via Bury’s website he wanted to sell the club before the end of last season, he said last week ‘there was still work to do’ before he bids farewell. Now though, everything has changed.

Staff Statement

‘We can confirm that today we have received an offer for the sale of Bury Football Club, one that we all at the Club believe is a very good offer.

This offer has been conveyed to Steve Dale and we are still waiting to hear from him.

This offer is the only lifeline for the future of the Club and we implore Steve Dale to accept it, as it has the full backing of all of the senior staff at Bury FC’.

The EFL’s stance towards Bury has not changed however since the news of Dale’s announcement. Unless they receive evidence that the current owner, or his successor for that matter, can pay off long term debt to football creditors, their EFL membership will be terminated. Whether the EFL, or football fans do actually believe what the chairman says is another matter.

It seems that should he eventually sell Bury, now will be the time.