‘I can’t believe these players have stuck around this long’ What type of team will Bolton Wanderers field

Despite the EFL stating that they will allow Bolton Wanderers’s first game of the season to go ahead as planned, there won’t be any senior members in the squad according to SBNation.

Bolton fans, players, staff and everyone involved in the club are clearly going through a rough stage in the clubs career. It was reported how the players refused to play any of their friendlies, as they still haven’t been paid and are not willing to put themselves up for injury.

Recent news coming out of the club suggests that the players are still refusing to train ahead of the start of the season. Even though the game is going ahead, the players have been told that the wages they are owed will only be paid to them in stages.


This has obviously sparked outrage with the remaining Bolton players as they haven’t been paid in five months. As a Bolton fan myself, I can’t believe these players have stuck around this long. It’s absolutely diabolical that they’ve had to wait this long for some sort of reassurance. Furthermore, now they are being told that the money they should have received all those months ago will only be paid to them in instalments.

The rumoured agreement that has been offered to current and ex-players, is that they will be paid twenty percent upfront and the remaining balances to be paid over two years. Can you imagine doing any job and being told that you’ll have to go unpaid for months, and then only get it back a bit at a time over the course of two years? It’s just unbelievable.

This now explains why no news has come out of the take over plans over the last few weeks. Players are rejecting the offer and as a result, this will see the team go without any of the remaining seniors on Saturday when they face Wycombe.

One other piece of information that has come to light from SBNation is that chief scout, Tim Breaker has obviously also gone unpaid. This has meant that Bolton has had no scouting presence in the wider footballing world since the financial issues started. So even if the club had have sorted their take over, there would have been no one to even suggest new players.

This leaves Saturday’s game in the hands of our youth. I feel extremely sorry for every one of the players, senior and youngsters and for Phil Parkinson. Good luck to the kids this weekend.